Best button layout?

For most of the time, I use Bumper Jumper, because I find it the most convenient. I can jump and shoot. Sometimes I want to use Jet Pack loadout, but it is almost useless because I am not able to jump and shoot (because I have to hold down X with my thumb). That’s why I have to re-wire my brain and change the controls on those occassions. What is your favorite button layout?

I like Default the best. RB for melee is superb when trying to hit small/low targets. Trying to punch infection forms in the OT? Forget it.

Great that they kept this layout in CEA. Rather annoyed that they moved things around in 4 and didn’t provide a classic layout. (Cant’s stand having sprint on left stick, so usually it’s as bad as not having it.)

Oddly, since I started playing ODST more, I can jump back and forth between Reach/CEA and 3/ODST without the muscle memory problems. All things considered, the “Recon” layout (which copies ODST’s) is not bad. I think CEA might have it too.

technically there is no “best button configuration” as it all depends on the person thats playing and whats easiest for the individual…

but i use recon…

Personally, I just use bog standard default. Even if it take’s me a while for my hands to remember the buttons sometimes.

Personally used recon, as it was similar to the default layout of Halo 3 and ODST

I prefer Recon, closest to Halo 3’s.

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> Personally used recon, as it was similar to the default layout of Halo 3 and ODST

Same here. Halo 3 showed me how great it was to have reload as the RB and not have to take my thumb off the analog to press X. I can’t ever go back, and used Recon in Halo Reach and every Halo game since.

Recon baybeee!
Been playing Recon since Halo 3, and I don’t see it changing anytime soon.
There’s also a small bit of pride to be had when winning against players that run BumperJumper/Helljumper. It might not be the most intuitive layout at times (looking at you, melee button), but Recon just works for me.

The ‘best button layout’ will depend for each player on how they have been playing with. You could play with any button layout and after some time you would get used to it so it would be your best, so is only depending on how a player is used to play with a specific button layout.

I like default the best tbh

It may not be the best but I use recon for the nostalgia and when I go to play the older games, I’m still used to the controls.

I personally chose Bumper Jumper, my left finger is right on the left bumper and so I press the bumper to jump without delay. The same goes for Reload/Action being on B button since that’s where I put my right index finger out of instinct.
Although I’ll admit that I used to dabble in Default and Recon too a few years back, I have grown to love Bumper Jumper the most.


Bumper Jumper FTW!

Recon lay out