Best Automatic Weapon

I want to know if there is one specific ‘best’ automatic weapon.
All the guns are fairly similar with there own little differences.
The storm rifle is harder to judge with the overheating not reloading.
I change my automatic weapon depending on the rest of the load out but is there one superior weapon that use should always use?

Assault Rifle.


Assault Rifle. It’s more consistent due to its hitscan/spread and has pretty much the same damage.

It depends on who you are against and what weapon they are using. Against the BR and CC weapons the AR will beat them at midish range if you know what you are doing. SR can beat the AR within the range of the SR and the suppressor beats all at CQB . But if you can land all shots with the SR and suppressor at mid range then you will win a lot of the time . It is just easier with the AR because it is hitscan and have more range.

I can tell you this:

  1. Assault Rifle
  2. Suppressor
  3. Storm Rifle

So, I say Assault Rifle, even though I use all three.

Storm Rifle hands down.

With practice it’s more than accurate enough to out DPS the AR at any Automatic-feasible range. And to reduce the random factor with the SR, the spread is slightly tighter than on the AR, further rewarding the time, effort, and practice you put into it (despite still clearly falling inferior to precision weapons in most scenarios). The main weakness of the Storm Rifle is lag, if you get a laggy game, it’s consistency will drop like a rock.

The Suppressor, on the otherhand is in a range niche all it’s own, where Melee gives other weapons an even match, and no amount of skill allows you to compete outside of that Melee-close-to-Melee range. On top of consistency issues. That makes it the worst of the Autos.

The AR is in the middle, it’s very easy to use in comparison to the Storm Rifle, allowing players to play it with significantly less practice, game knowledge, or skill. But as I said before when a practiced player is holding it, the SR will straight up out DPS it.

Though when I say in the middle I more mean this:

Storm Rifle > Assault Rifle > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > Suppressor

I would say Assault Rifle, especially combined with the Dexterity perk that’s in my loadout with it.

It’s funny when I’m playing with my friends since nearly every time someone goes,
“Where’d you get that SAW so fast?!”
Maybe they’re just newbz…like me. :stuck_out_tongue:

As for the other ones, the Suppressor’s good for maps in very tight quarters, right up in your enemies’ face. Another than that, it’s just so-so.

The Storm Rifle’s just in the middle, and pretty nice in some cases. I can’t hate on since it was, after all, my favorite weapon for a while. Then I started to play the bigger playlists.

Best, I’ll give that to the assault rifle but only narrowly. The storm rifle can be better in certain situations as is much more fun to use.

The suppressor is worse than them both by a long shot however. Fos Kuvol has it about right.

As much as I don’t like UNSC weapons but using the AR in H4, I’m giving the vote to the AR. It is way better in H4 than in Reach.

I would go with the SAW as the best automatic weapon in halo 4.

> I would go with the SAW as the best automatic weapon in halo 4.

haha yes me too. (though i think he meant loadout weapons)

however, i would stick with AR simply because of Hit Scan. It’s so much easier to play with Hit Scan weapons than with projectile weapons like SR and suppressor.
though SR shoots really fast it’s still not as easy to hit someone as it is with AR.
for me it’s AR->SR->Suppressor
The CQC advantage with suppressor doesn’t make anything up since its projectile speed is so damn slow and the spread is just too high…
here is a thoroughly tested comparison between them

The SAW is good but that’s a little powerful for being my top automatic. The Assault Rifle is where it began and nothing has quite matched it, the recent grunts and tuning made me forget launch-window Assault Rifle.

The Storm Rifle is my second most used weapon in Halo 4. I always have it with the LightRifle thanks to Firepower.

I love it. I can fire it indefinitely by maintaining the overheat. And it kills faster than the AR.

The AR has the range and is easier to use, but that’s about it really. The Storm Rifle IMO is just way better (if you know how to use it well).

The Suppressor… If you ain’t in melee range, it’s trash. Simple as that.