Best and worst personal ordanance possible

Hey Guys and Girls,

I just had this idea, what would be the best and the worst personal ordanance to get in general play? We don’t know exactly what combinations are possible, but try to keep possibility in mind.

It’s about general situations, in some situations some combinations might be better or worse, but just think about getting the same ordanance each time, what would you hate and what would you love.

Try to explain why as well, so it doesn’t just turn into a spamfest


Plasma grenades < > Speedboost
Sticky Detonator/Needler

Why: Normally I prefer overshield or damageboost if I already have 2 great weapons, speedboost might be great with a sword or scattergun, but when you have any other weapon I guess Damage is better (faster kill times, also from distance) and overshield (stay alive longer, get more kills)

Plasma grenades are terrible if you could also have rockets, shotgun instead. And needler is I think the worst weapon possible in ordanance. Or the sticky detonator not sure yet.


Rockets < > Damageboost

Why: Long range killing in an instant, rockets are great indoors or on smaller maps. And damageboost is great if you have the upperhand in DMR fights or for example already have sniper and are on Ragnarok

Your turn!

I actually think the Needler is really effective in H4, more so than H3 or Reach, so i wouldn’t put that in the worst category.

I agree with Sniper/Rockets/ being the best though, but i prefer overshield to damageboost.

Does power boost make the sniper kill in one shot? I don’t think that the rockets need a damage boost, I almost always get a one shot kill with them anyways. Speedboost with the sword is pretty crazy.

Yes, the Needler is realy strong, when you have open shot at someone it kills very very quick.

But, how often are you in the situation that you can use it without being killed by a DMR, you have to be close to someone to kill with it 100%, and being close to someone means a lot of corners and obstacles generally.

So the Needler although strong, is bad to have as choice over Sniper/Rockets/Shotgun/Beamrifle etc.

(If Needler wasn’t an ordanance possible drop it would be beast, but it just sucks to have the choice instead of a true power weapon)

@Needlerifle, you get the choice of the 3, you dont get all 3 weapons/powerups.

So you can choose to have rockets, or sniper or damageboost.