Best and worst new halo 4 addition?

For best i’d day spartan ops, 5 new missions a week is a great and innovative new idea. Good job on this one 343.

Worst is easily random spawn locations. What about the times where a power weapon could mean the difference between winning and loosing a match, then it randomly spawns right next to the other team and they blow you to smithereens. They should try to make the game as least luck based as possible.

Best: Spartan Ops

Worst: Anything they did to MM really like random weapons or loadouts.

Best: New weapon drop system and Spartan Ops.

Worst? I don’t really like joining games in progress.

Best: Spartan Ops

Worst: Bringing too many old weapons back. Seriously, I don’t want BOTH the BR and the DMR. I don’t need two weapons that fill the EXACT same niche.

Best: Spartan Ops.

Worst: Removal of Elites.

Best: Spartan Ops, Neil Davidge

Worst: No Firefight, no Elites, no Invasion, no Marty, changes to multiplayer, perks, loadouts, art style

Best: Spartan Ops
Worst: The progression system.

> Best: Spartan Ops
> Worst: The progression system.

What progression system?

Best: Spartan Ops
Worst: Join in progress

Best: Spartan Ops

Worst: Weapn drops, insta-rando-spawn, armor that gives bonuses, spartan points, and AAs.

Best: Spartan ops

Worst: Halo fans…

Best: Spartan Ops

Worst: Unlockable stuff that affects gameplay

I think join in progress would be great if they do it properly.

best: spartan ops/ weapon spawns

worst: perks/ ranking system

Best: Tied between learning about a “Join Active Session” MM system (hoping it’s implemented properly), the Spartan Ops, default Sprint ability, and having the Battle Rifle, Designated Marksman Rifle, Assault Rifle, and Carbine Rifle together.

Worst: Only a concern that the additional Armor Abilities, so-called Armor “Perks”, and customizing what weapon a player starts with may throw off balanced team starts. I certainly have my worries.

Personally, I’m hoping that the additional Armor Abilities will be kind of like a mix between Halo 3 Equipment and Power-Ups, in that they’ll have to be sought after in game for picking-up and then they’ll come with a limited amount of energy. I’m hoping that when picked up a player will have to switch to using it’s benefit through the D-Pad and then by doing so they will effectively replace their Sprint button with the picked-up Armor Ability’s ability. I think that by presenting them with a specific amount of energy that gets fully depleted through use their benefits will be better balanced within Halo’s gameplay.

Examples: Maybe the Jetpack will only have enough juice in it for 2 or 3 big boosts before being fully drained or perhaps the Cloaking Device will only keep a player invisible for a period of time before being all used up, similar to the Invisable Power-Up, but it should also come with the draw-back of causing a radar scrambling to all nearby radars. Plus, the Hologram Device may only work 5 times and the Forerunner Vision might only work for a period of time before being fully drained. Once these abilities are drained then they are discarded. Basically, they’ll disappear from a player’s HUD as a D-Pad optional ability to choose from.

As for the so-called customizable Armor “Perks”, I don’t really know what to expect and I don’t know how they can be implemented in a way to provide balanced team starts, since I don’t have an understanding of what they even are, but I’ll go out on a limb and suggest that they may provide slight benefits such as a possible quicker reload time for an individual or extra reserve ammunition or maybe extra reserve grenades or a longer sprint time or extra energy for picked-up Armor Abilities. If these are the types of things they will do then maybe they won’t be the end of the world, but I still don’t really care for what they might mean in regards to balanced team starts.


Forerunner Vision…
No Elites in MM
No FF.


For just the BR that is back.