Best Alternative forums to Halo Waypoint

In another thread I was sharing my experience looking for other forums and what I know of them, I want to share this in its own topic listing more than 5 that I did there to help any Halo fans out where I can. I hope that many of you will find value in this and the alternative options out there.

I want to clarify these alternatives aren’t solutions to your heartache of not having fun playing Halo. That the same topics and discussions that Halo Waypoint is known for may not be accepted in all of the options. Be positive, follow the Spartan Code: and just remember to support Halo, we’re all on the same team.

The best alternatives to Halo Waypoint


  • MCC’s forums:
  • INFINITE’s forums:

Light client, very active and very simple in design. Limited per game but the most active of all forums with similar topics to share and voice opinions too. You can find and make friends with others easily here, I think its truly the best forums for anyone looking to get into talk about Halo but also get some games in to play with others!



The design is dated and harder to navigate but its still active with a few familiar posters. I can’t see its future, but it is also the oldest site easily around Halo. It would be a travesty to not include it in anykind of Halo forums list. I don’t have any particular affinity to this community but it is well connected with 343 Industries and the gaming industry overall.



Many might recognize this site as a cosplay-only community but they do have a full forum that is very active. I don’t particularly like that they have ads everywhere, so I don’t recommend it but it commends respect and is definitely a forum to consider as an alternative.



Xbox Era is a forum with ads I won’t go further in but it has one of the largest community forums and shares its interest around Forge. I was hesitant including this one because its not primarily Halo but its forge site is cool.



This is the fake 343 forums, its really hard to call it anything else LMFAO. Fans that have banded together to create a site along time ago ended here. It is a little younger than HBO but often poses in place without the intention of being Halowaypoint and this can be seen its design language. Today its a little dead but earns its place on here as somewhere to go and revive.



This is a relatively new and modern Forge related forum, has a specific target audience but anything can be discussed there. Its staff is formerly Forgehub’s which has taken a different route with forgehub and moved to Discord.


  • :star:

Another relatively new modern forum designed similar to the current, not as active but best progression system in place and developing a iteration of Spartan Companies.



This forums all but resigned to Discord but they still maintain there forums for now. Its an easy place to find and share passion for custom games.



This forum is chiefly a Halo modding and CE community but has an active forum and user base.



Brand new forums! Following older PHPB but made by resident @Invoked_by_Red who took it upon himself to create a forum in the recent news of Waypoints sunset.

They were many smaller forums abandoned now and communities also taking different exits from forums (Forgehub for example and their killer new webapp: but they will all never replace the spirit and ethos of Waypoint. I added a Star emoji to my own forum that I maintain, I’m open to any feedback, critics or interested volunteers for staff and moderation.

In the end, I hope all fans find out that although Waypoint may sunset its passion and inspiration is shared across all these sites, join and create conversation where you can and support one another.


Nothing official any longer.

Each one is official in its own right, a few share 343 employees present and past.

If you’re upset, the Steam discussion boards are as official as it could get. Its literally the video games forums.


I’ve setup for people once these forums properly shut shop. Can you add it to the list?

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I mean these are great finds but the purpose is that 343i interacts with the forums, takes in issues, feedback and suggestions and whatnot, which probably doesn’t happen on those sites.

They certainly don’t do that here though. I mean… they just don’t.


Oh I know… but still a better likelyhood :smiley:

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I’m not able to pull this website up but I had actually removed one of the forums from my initial post for not having HTTPS/SSL encryption which is kind of the standard for safety, if you can set that up by this weekend I’ll add it to the list.

Just don’t want to recommend people sites they might not be able to trust security wise.

You would be surprised then if I told you where and how 343 employees spend personal time between these forums. This isn’t a witch hunt to give feedback though the tools are available for you directly make the difference you want to see on Halo support website (

HTTPS is working, just need to force the redirect. should take you to the right place.

(redirect is now in place)


I hope you will find more value in a few of the other forums - mostly shared because they have a direct inspiration from Waypoint…

Starting your own forums can be tough but I won’t discourage you, I personally think taking the risk of failure or inoperability is admirable, I hope you have a high tolerance for both because as it is right now it does not look like a space that will grow as how people value this site is in its perceived associaton to 343. The forums that do have 343 employees in positive feedback loops are already established, hence another plausible reason why Waypoint is sunsetting at the end of the month.

Of course, feedback is always valued at the Halo support site!


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Great effort and selection, I definitely like the ONI themed ones without any bias (don’t look up my gamer tag) but the Steam Discussions board I would have never thought to look at so as the 405th.

Great resource as the forums are about to lock.


Thanks, those two forums and communities are always overlooked. The 405th one I know only from randomly landing in a game night with them and the Steam one was actually from using the Steam chat, I think the Steam one is probably everyones best bet but we’ll see how it goes.

My solemn recommendation for anyone is to look to be better though, no more ad nuasem posts only contributing the best for Halo!

Well, the forums are not locked :party_on:

Hope this thread still helps others!

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But you can’t talk about Halo here :joy:

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You’re right, every other forum is locked right now. Probably not long before this one is locked too… not going to tell them to hurry up but no need to egg them on, news already announced maybe we got lucky to have just this.