Best 1 vs 1 and 2 vs 2 Leader ?

Hey Folks, i need your advices.
Im playing mostly with a Friend 1 vs 1 or 2vs 2 .
What leader and tactics would u suggest with banished or UNSC ? I liked to play Cutter, but he seems extrem weak to me right now. He has a pretty weak Spartan and his infantiry is countered pretty easily with Pavium (Megaturret) and Serina / Kisano.
I also have porblems against Hero opener (Pavium Jerome) Do you have any tips for me?

If you’re playing Cutter I’d take advantage of your fast flamers and snipers to counter heroes.

However, if you’re looking for the best leader I’d pick Forge.

What Breezy said. Snipers will be your best friend against early Pav and Jerome (outside of mech). But, grenade marines will help against Forgehog and Jerome’s Mech.
As for a teammate with Cutter, Decimus or Forge would be great.

Anders, Forge, Arby, and Jerome are the strongest picks, in my opinion.

Though, Forge runs the show in 1’s.


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> Arby>Forge


Stacking CoR can make your army unreasonably powerful.

I think Anders, Arby, and Forge are going to be your best leaders in 1s. Isabell is also a viable choice if you want to flood your opponent in hogs. Believe it or not, cutter, anders, and Isabell have very strong leaders to open with as long as your not going against forge. Twos is a bit more open since there is a lot more room for creativity in gameplay but your best support leaders are going to be serina, decimus, and arbiter while your best aggressive leaders are going to be Forge and Anders. I might trigger some people but I personally love running colony in team games now that he isn’t broken anymore. Goliaths can make any rushing army scary while symbiot + Combat Repair wraiths, marauders, and locust do amazing work. Hunter Captain is also the man.

Pavium/Decimus teams are pretty ferocious. So is Decimus/Forge. I think Decimus is the hardest to stop once he gets going.

I don’t play 1s, however I have played 2s a few times and I’ve found some success with teammate going Jerome and I go Colony