besides master chief who is your favorite spartan

my second favorite spartan would have to be buck.

Emile and I’ve never played Reach before.

emile and buck

Fred-104 because he’s an incredibly gifted Spartan and leader in general, but he was humble enough to step down when the Chief returned to Blue Team. Even though Fred outranked him, Fred cared more about what was best for the team than stroking his ego as the leader of a Spartan fire team.

I love linda :3

Gotta go with Linda, she’s just bada**

Kurt from Ghosts of Onyx.

Such a sociable and compassionate leader, a rare thing for Spartan II’s. Furthermore he then rose to the occasion of overseeing the training for all of the Spartan IIIs, and went on to save Blue Team from destruction on the shield world Onyx.

Also to Happy Place8166’s choice of Fred, Kurt was the one who gave him his officer rank :slight_smile:

Noble Six, absolute bad*** that fought to the very end. And he’s the only other hyper-lethal rated Spartan besides the big man 117.

It would definitely be noble 6 or carter and technically buck is not a real spartan he just wears the armor of one but he was better as an ODST

xeno killerzxxs he actually went through augmentation like all the spartan IV’s it just wasn’t as extreme as the III’s or II’s but i didn’t get this for about a year so i can see your confusion.

As a Spartan: Jerome

As a character: Serin Osman

Either Emile or Buck.

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Fred is certainly up there for me. The unwavering loyalty he has to the Chief is admirable.

Noble 6, went out fighting to make sure the pillar of autumn got off reach safely.

Emile is one of my favorites. I also think Locke is good too

Linda is pretty cool

Noble 6. He must be Chief’s distant cousin.

The one from Dead or Alive 4.

Linda or Locke (yup fight me).