Bell Toll Visor repeated

So I just been playing through this weeks challenges to see that the ultimate reward is the bell toll visor… umm iv’e had that since Feb last year? What’s with all the repeating items?

Hate to be the one to break it to you but every single ultimate reward during the winter update season is a repeat. People seem to have pretty mixed opinions on whether this is a good thing but there is a leak of the entire schedule of unlocks on Reddit.

I still am in favour it they make a special shop for the ‘weekly’ rewards. You just get tokens for finishing challenges (1 per challenge, 5 for the ultimate one, so 15 per week) and you can just buy the reward with the tokens you want (they will cost 15 per piece, so 1 weeks challenges will still get you 1 reward). You don’t like the current reward, but like a previous one you missed? You can just get that one then.
All previous weekly rewards will stay available then and every week they will just add a new one.


Was thinking of something similar, there was some coatings from season 1 I would of liked but never quite got, some kind of special pre reward shop is a great idea, rather than just repeating a particular single item, for sure there are some people who didn’t get bell toll last time so no problem.

It’s basicly a bit of what MCC had, only with 1 item per week in stead of 50-100 per season. That worked perfectly in my opinion, so i don’t know why they got rid of that idea.

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