Being obliterated in Total Control 0-2. 343: "Let's give the losing team a Mongoose and the winning team a Scorpion Tank!"

WHY IS THIS STILL AN ISSUE! This game came out in November! Why is Big Team Battle still so broken and unbalanced! The second my team saw the tank land at the enemy base half of them quit.

I want to believe in this game but whenever I play it for an extended period of time stuff like this makes me beyond angry and question why I’m even playing anymore!


I thought this was supposed to be fixed in the last update?

Maybe you should learn how to kill a tank? :yum:

That’s how you end a slaughter early

The moment I realized that I have no idea where to go to get an anti-vehicle weapon is when I realized that BTB is broken. I don’t have the autonomy to counter-play because the weapons I could use to destroy a vehicle are never in the same spot. If there is such a weapon on the map then that counter-play choice is given to the player who sees it.

My conclusion is that BTB was balanced around two teams who verbally talked to each other. You have to outsource “where is the vehicle tazer” to someone who has already picked it up or seen it. Unfortunately Halo: Infinite has more systems that discourage talking than encourage talking.

I’d compare it to Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The un-modded version of that game is forever not a competitive game because there’s a 1/100 chance each time a player runs or changes direction while running that they trip (get slightly stunned).


Its still an issue. Played yesterday a BTB match. We got a rocket warthog they got a tank.

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Maybe 343 should fix the game. Or better yet, release a working one next time.


Man, what is it with the Q/A with this company?? Seriously.

I’m starting to get on the bandwagon of just shutdown halo and overhaul.

It’s pretty bad when Joe touts this drop pod update system, and they VERY first one doesn’t make it.

I didn’t expect them to mean like they were ODST drop pods, not everything makes it to the ground working.

I have no idea. They did something to vehicle spawns according to the May 13th announcement:

This is why we just need classic vehicle spawns for both sides. Just set it up like all the past titles where each base spawns with whatever vehicles are going to be available for that map. If it’s a concern that you don’t want both teams rolling out in a tank and wasp as soon as the match starts then set them on delayed spawns.

Problem solved.


I keep saying this, but 343 literally took things that werent broken and ruined them. No one ever complained about the vehicles starting on both sides. No one ever complained that the plasma pistol (a now useless weapon) emp’d the vehicles. The vehicle handling also is terrible. I just don’t understand how they okayed half of the stuff in this game.


I’ve played an insane amount of big team and to be honest I have yet to see a scorpion or wraith. Just saying :man_shrugging:t3:

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“Well, at least it’ll be over soon.”

But yeah it DOES suck.

Both teams should get the same vehicles. The moment players see a tank on the winning side feel that it’s best to just leave. The odds of coming back from behind goes to almost 0 pretty quickly.

There needs to be equal share and I think this would be a good fix.