Being disconnected

I was playing a few games of SWAT with my friend and kept getting disconnected for no reason. It then demoted me from Platinum 3 down to Gold 6 (over aroumd 6-7 games) and also put me on probation for an hour. I have changed my Internet setting and nothing has changed. Could someone help me?

Yeah, I’m having the same problem. Haven’t been able to finish a game of warzone tonight without getting kicked out. I end up at a menu that is mostly blank, and no options work. I end up having to restart the game, or occasionally after a long time, it will say something like firegroup changed, even though I was playing on my own, and will dump me back to the main menu. Didn’t have this issue before the latest update (although the Xbox has also had a few updates recently).

Ah I see, when I played war zone it worked fine it is only SWAT which is the problem. I have only recently got the game so I’m not sure whether it is an update issue.