Being Disconnected from game with perfect internet

Hello everyone

Ive been doing games and playing as normal then the game suddenly kicks me from the game, and lands me on the War zone / War zone assault screen and I can’t select anything.

Is any one else experiencing this? Or is this just a isolated problem??Please let me know if there is a simple fix?

I have same problem, I’m from Europe-Spain and I got kicked from warzone 3-4 times consecutively landing like you said on the warzone menu.

Maybe is general or not.

You are not alone. It happend to me the whole evening in Arena and Warzone. After a few minutes I lost my connection in every game and I got blocked 5 minutes from warzone.

Same here man. Got a ban because of it too. It’s ridiculous

Hi everyone i fixed the problem if any of you have your xbox’s on the “instant on” setting just reset your router and restart you xbox i did this and I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my connection to the games, hope this helps anyone and ill see you on the battlefield!