being booted and banned

Explain to me why, when I am carrying 3 bots, and snipe an opponent and then nade him to finish the kill ring one and my teammate runs into ring one getting shot by the opponent, dies to my nade that barely finished him, and he’s able to boot me, when i get betrayed on purpose because i pick up snipe and some random decides to betray me on purpose, to take it. Yet I am not given the option to boot him? not only this im then banned for 30 min, since, I was also booted for an accidental grenade. this is getting ridiculous and needs to be addressed, it makes no sense and cannot continue to happen off one betrayal, more so, I’ve been booted when i dont even harm a teamate but they randomly get an option to boot and they do… and then im banned?

Closing as you’ve already made a post in the ban thread