Being Betrayed

I love nothing more than picking up the Incineration cannon getting two quick kills sitting back and wait for an en… oh wait never mind my teammate betrayed me because I had the Incineration cannon. Wooo… -_- I was not presented with the option to boot him which really ticked me off. I would like to see something that tracks betrayals. I understand some are accidental. You shoot someone with a rocket just as a teammate melees them; oops didn’t think he was gonna do that. Too close when you shoot an enemy with the Wraith or Scorpion; understandable. But when they Melee you. TWICE that’s bullsh*t! For the rest of that game I wanted nothing more than to kill my entire team.

Something should be done to keep those that betray you intentionally from playing for a while. Ban them or something cause it ruins the game. Takes the fun out of it and make that person look like a tool. More than anything though a tool that can get away with it unless you look and remember who the tool who betrayed you was. In the heat of the moment it’s easy to miss it and if someone else gets a kill, or two, quickly you don’t get long to see their name. At the very least track the amount of betrayals someone gets so we can see if we actually want to play with them.

Anyone else played a game with tools who can’t accept they didn’t get the weapon they wanted?

My favorite part is when they destroy your vehicle because you got it first…

Wow that stinks. you know what though I’ve heard sometimes people in real life experience something similar. It’s called robbery. Sometimes people that get robbed even get killed and they don’t respawn…

Sometimes things happen that aren’t fair.

Report em’!
Ive never had someone betray me for a weapon, but the “you got a vehicle first, im gonna blow it up” has definitely happened to me.

This is why I’ve always supported removing friendly fire. Nothing good EVER comes from it.

That -Yoink- is the worst, I’ve never played a game where people actually try to just blow up their team because they didn’t get the vehicle they wanted so much. It happens on a regular basis teammates shouldn’t be able to destroy another teammates vehicle. Its also a load of crap the amount of people who join matches and just sit there to gain the xp without playing, this happens all the time too, I had like 3 guys on my team last night just standing there dying over and over not moving, cant 343 implement a booting system on public matches?

Got betrayed?

How on earth do you get double pummeled?? By a teammate>???

Friendly Fire is off in Slayer, but they will just get a vehicle and splatter you for your weapon. Damaging a vehicle because you got it first doesn’t happen that often to me particularly, but it has happened.
The most annoying thing is the amount of times to be betrayed before booting option is at least 4, in BTB that is. I have been splattered by a team mate 4 times in a row before booting is available. This has happened multiple times too. Every time I never get a boot option until the 4th betrayal. Even when the person is splattering others too.
One game a guy splattered me 3 times and another teammate twice. It wasn’t until he killed me again(a fourth time) that he could be booted.
That is absurd in my opinion.

> Got betrayed?
> How on earth do you get double pummeled?? By a teammate>???

In Objective based games, like Ctf or Oddball, FF is ON.

usually I’m playing with a few friends, so if I get betrayed, it becomes a rundown to kill this guy, can’t boot us all lol, I don’t get that mad unless in on a good run mid match

I was playing Dominion at the time.

It’s just ridiculous. What happened to being able to boot someone even if they accidentally betrayed you? It’s such crap. Harden up princess, you may have missed that Cannon but wha’daya know the game has only just started and more may spawn. Who’da thunk it right?

It spoils the game when that happens. If it’s a custom game with a bunch of mates I will happily go on a betraying spree. It’s hilarious then and I expect my mates to do the same but in matchmaking, yes you are here to have fun, but you are here to try and be competitive… or at least some of us are.

I have never seen someone destroy a vehicle just because they didn’t get it. That’s really childish.

Are my expectation of society too high?

The only time I go out of my way to betray someone is if they intentionally betray me first. And the only time i’ll blow up a team mates vehicle is if they’re intentionally ramming it into me or other team mates, I enjoy being part of a team, and if there’s that one moron that thinks he’s above everyone or whatever so decides to try weakening/killing his team, then I think he rightfully deserves to be betrayed, maybe it’ll make him stop, maybe not. But if not, then he’ll betray you even more, leading to his eventual booting :slight_smile: