Being banned

I was in the middle of a game and I had to answer the land line which is in the living room. When I came back to the game I had been kick for inactivity, so I back out of that and before I leave to call the person back I looked at the tv to make sure I didn’t accidentally start a match. When I come back I’ve been banned for inactivity… I guess when I put the controller down I hit the A button and started a match, when I put the controller down or something. But this is just messed up, I hopped on griffball and about my 5th game in this game I accidentally killed my teammates maybe three times, it’s fricken griffball, how are you going to get kicked for betrayal? It happenes sometimes. Now i have to lookout for my teammates too? So when there’s an easy kill but my teammate runs by I can’t kill the guy cuz my teammate might kick me? Then someone starts messaging me non stop about how I suck and he used, “" in every swear word in the book, then finally I say "who gives a sht if I suck( without the *), I pay money to be on here like anyone else” then I get banned for that too. I miss bungie, 343 is too much with the banning, I haven’t played in years, and now I remember why

I can understand the frustration about a temporary ban due to inactivity, but you don’t get a ban for doing that only once. You have to have had a fairly recent history of leaving matches or betraying many teammates for a ban to actually happen. I would suggest not leaving matches or killing teammates if you want to avoid a ban. As for getting a ban after messaging someone, that’s xbox, not 343. The person probably reported your message due to your explicit word choices. I get that you feel like since you payed for the game you should be able to do whatever you want, but that’s not how it works. The other players paid too and it’s unfair to them if teamkillers or quitters are ruining the game. Like I said before, if you don’t quit, teamkill, or send explicit messages, you shouldn’t get banned.

  1. There’s a thread for H5 in-game bans in the H5G support section.

  2. Don’t retaliate via messages.

  3. Xbox Live/comms bans are not handled by 343 but are an Xbox Live thing.

  4. See #2.