Being banned in halo reach

Well, I created this because it is something that I do not feel that makes much sense, and it affects me a lot as far as the performance of my character, not of game, this does not bother much in that, one of the reasons why I play this is because Also I want to increase my rank to have new armors, etc., normal, but here comes the problem, the game excludes me from winning credits without any reason, to play as normally would one, it would be no problem if it were for one or two hours, But this is not the case, it comes from 1 day to 1 week, the day I took the ban, at 3-4 I had put another, 1 week, why? For playing a lot, today I took off the one week, for what? So that on the same day they put me another, the worst thing is that I understand that this is 1 month, and that frustrates me a lot, being banned by things like these.

I wish it was a mistake and not a ban.

Hey OP, please use the ban thread pinned at the top of the Halo Reach forums for any queries on matchmaking bans