Being an Elite in multiplayer

So I remember that you used to be able to be elites in multiplayer in some of the older games. What happened to that? I thought it was kind of cool. Is there some lore based reason or something else?


Body structors made them to balance evenly between them and normal Spartans. Larger sizes made them bigger and easier targets. Hunched backs made it impossible to headshot them from behind. There were also other complications.


Halo turned way too competitive and they had to balance things out that’s why they took most of the guns out and elites


Huge time and resource investment.

Models, animations, audio.

And then the extra armour, coatings, etc.

Before we even get started on the challenges of balancing the sandbox.

343 would have a fair idea of the % of people who play Elites. And I assume it’s not worth it from their end. At least off the bat. Especially with all the other issues they are wrestling with.

Your best bet is if and when they give us the Arbitor as a playable character in campaign. That would justify the work involved.


Ah, the commonly repeated lie. In Reach, yes Elites are different from Spartans. In 3, Elites are no harder to headshot from behind than Spartans are. When a Spartan moves, the left rear shoulder armor moves to cover most of the head. This is replicated for Elites, where the hitbox similarily moves to cover part of the head hitbox when you’re trying to shoot them from behind. Most of my MP time in Halo MCC has been in 3’s SWAT.

This doesnt happen in later Halo games (though a little when Sprinting in Reach) because Spartans stand taller when moving.

Your crosshair will indicate if you can score a headshot - if your weapon is properly lined up, then a dot appears in the middle of the crosshair and you are aimed at the head.

If its such a problem, remove them from Ranked play. Or introduce smaller Elites. If 343 really wanted to make it work for all styles of play, they’d find a way to do it.


So, Bungie is lying now, because they were the ones who stated this way back in the day…

Well, whatever floats your boat I guess…

Going to add that they’d have to design a seperate core for them too. Since there’s no chance in hell the Spartans armors going to just magically work for them lol. There’s definitely more work requirement if you design based around humans vs them lol.


People are already discussing the real reasons, but the “lore” is that
Halo 1, 2, 3, and Reach multiplayer is non-canon (as it should be in my opinion.)
Halo 4 introduced the idea that the multiplayer is actually a training simulation for the new Spartan IV’s called the War Games. This was basically the off-time from the Spartan Ops story. This is still the case in halo 5 and branched into the Warzone mode. So because these were Spartan training programs held on the UNSC Infinity, then there wouldn’t be any reason for Elites to be onboard a UNSC ship.
Halo Infinite still carries this logic, but this time it isn’t on the infinity, it is on a secret location. The Seasonal cutscenes explain the rest.

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I do not remember them stating that Elites in Halo 3 had issues being shot from behind. I know from experience that the hitboxes are identical, even down to stuff like the rear-shoulder movement covering most of the head.

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You are saying that the Elite hitbox is identical to that of the Spartan in Halo 3? Wow.

You’re like 10 years late to the party, but a good portion of the community have been upset since their exclusion and have been asking for them to come back in at least some way.

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These both can’t be true (specifics not withstanding, not sure what a ‘good portion’ means). But I’d venture to guess Darwi is right. There must be plenty of data across legacy and MCC play showing how small the ‘elite population’ is/was. Anecdotally, as someone who went thru a multi-year Elite phase in H2, they were a dramatic minority. I doubt it is worth the resources at this time.

Which isn’t to say it won’t ever happen. The core system would adopt and balance it well, and I think might entice more players to sport the elites than ever if the content is intriguing enough. But that’s a business decision for the future.


FIRST : People wants matchmaking and desync fixes - Halo infinite players plays for competitive sensations. Most of us we dont play with expensive gears. All of these details could comes AFTER they fixed the matchmaking and the desync.

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These guys seem to have it handled but based on what I know it’s a balancing sorta issue which for granted I think halo reach did a pretty damn good job at leveling that playing field We’re hoping that the elites will return playable they deserve it and so does the sangheili community


Even in the heydays of Halo 2/3/Reach, I very rarely saw people play as Elites. Even in big team games there’d only be like one or two players out of the entire round who would play Elites. Even then though, there was a much higher percentage of games that didn’t have Elites at all - just everyone playing as Spartans.

Whenever I played MCC, it was much the same.

Given the work and potential hitbox/balancing issues concerning Elites with their models, animations, and everything else, its kind of easy to see why playable Elites wouldn’t be worth it.

I’m all for players eventually having the option sometime in the future, but speaking as someone who never played as an Elite, I can certainly understand why we haven’t had them in 4/5/Infinite and don’t necessarily care if we never do.

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It is. Have you ever tried to headshot a Spartan from behind in Halo 3, using a BR or Pistol? It’s really hard, because the hitbox moves so that it’s covered by most of the back when the player model moves forward. Elites replicate that with their hitboxes.

[It's a myth that it makes Elites harder to kill in SWAT](

Must’ve been referring to 2 and reach only, because they share the same hitbox in h3, what made it hard to get headshots was the desynched postion of the head.

I made a reply explaining this the best I can already so if you’re interested go look for that in my history.

Every halo ever its been like this

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I would just like to put my 2 cents in. Idc if the hitboxes are different. I really wish I could play as an elite for nostalgia sake. PLEASE 343!! Bring the Elites back even if you have to disable them for the competitive arena! Would bring back so much variety in 1 move. (complicated as it may be)

Elites need their own mechanics/abilities so they can’t add them just like that as i see it.
H5 was way better for elites to be honest because of it’s movement mechanics.
Idk just imagine elites with the same pickup spartan equipment, slow sprint in Infinite, it just weird to me and don’t forget about lore side like how elites are able to use hook for example.
I mean elites are cool but only with their own things, I don’t want a lazy spartan reskin for the sake of reskin.

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343 is intensely lazy. They’d make lots of money on an Elite core and pass, but it would take a modicum of effort to implement the basic feature that previous games had as standard.


Well what I say it is more profitable for the developer to cut content and then give a bogus reason like “it’s more competitive and fair” since every one now has the same body type… The less features and content they add but yet charge the same amount for the game, Granted multiplayer is “free” but campaign was still $60 and missing quite a bit of stuff as well. Sadly it’s not just 343. A lot of games are giving less bang for the bucks. Just the way it is sadly.