Being able to see what team you are able to be on.

So it seems like you are not able to see what team you are on, which makes me a little annoyed for many reasons. First off, If you can’t see what team you are on, and you find out later, what if you were not paying attention, yes, you can look at your character’s hand, but it would be nice to know. Same for seeing player names, they got rid of it, so you don’t really know their names till you check. Other than that there isn’t much to say, it just bugs me that they got rid of those few things, that have been in I think all of the Halo games. I’m not too sure about Halo Wars though. I am yet to play it.

343 builds this entire game around being a team by using team win/loss for your csr, then makes it hard to play as a team by not letting you get to know team mates in the pre game and making it almost impossible to tell who is speaking. Its so contradictory and f ing annoying. chalk that up on the long list of contradictory, annoying, and poorly done things by 343. At least they brought a good sandbox and visuals.

of course you can. On the bottom right where you see the score there is an arrow telling you in what team you are. Lol