Being able to control banished/covenant

So what im thinking is that bringing back playable elites, but also something in forge or custom games options. people could spawn as a grunt or a hunter or a jackal. They could use the abilities of that species. for example you could use a jackal shield as a jackal. Health points would also be relative to the species. what I think would also be cool is you could ride a grunt mech AS the grunt, reinforcing the vehicular carnage. These would be great in custom games or messing around in forge.

It would be amazing to have these tools in forge especially if the forger is looking to have certain plays styles during the custom game, spawn able a.i. would be nice to and it might be far fetched but being a elite or brute commanding around grunt or jackal a.i. squads would be nice especially on big team objective type maps

This reminds me of the one mode in gears of war. When you play as the locast.

Totally agree, Halo never let us play the ennemi. I would love a campaingn with covenants or forerunners. Even a firefight covenant VS forerunner !

Actually, I discover there is a mod on Halo Reach for playing as a grunt against marines and spartans in a mission of the campaign. I just regret it’s only on PC