Behemoth = quit

Every time. Wont even bother playing it.

The gameplay is so stale, the fact you removed it from ranked shows its garbage. If its no good for ranked it certainly isnt good for swat.


Behemoth should be removed from the game asap. I don’t even care that we don’t have enough maps and removing it means even less. It’s just a bad map. For basically any mode.

Truth be told I don’t think most of the maps are suited for SWAT. Like. At all. It seems to me that 343i was way too focused on balance for this game. Every weapon serves a single purpose and we don’t have redundancy… Meaning no fun weapons like H5 or other Halos. Same for the maps. They seem to have been made for either Slayer or CTF with little or no regard for other modes.


every time i play this game behemoth is always the first map i get, and i almost quit every time

While not amazing, CTF is its saving grace. You have three main paths to take, each with a safety net and a weak point. The middle area gives you the most protection, but the halfway point is open to enemy fire. The outer two put you in the outskirts of the map with a man cannon for speed, but give you the least protection.

Behemoth is really only good for Fiesta with random vehicles though I don’t mind BR SWAT on it.

I will say removing Behemoth CTF from ranked has been my favourite update so far.

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I see you haven’t played it with Tactical Sidekicks yet, that’ll change your mind :grimacing:

Yeah I think it works well with Tactical BRs, as long as the enemy team plays it like they have shields and jump to either tower. When the side creeping start, it becomes incredibly slow.

Let me forge this map, I’ll fix her right up

Hated Behemoth for a long time for Tactical Slayer. I don’t mind it for Quick Match, Fiesta, or Ranked Slayer, but when it comes to Tactical Slayer and Ranked CTF, the map was obviously terrible for those modes. I actually like Launch Site for Tactical Slayer - big map, but plenty of cover - but Behemoth’s openness and the game’s spawn system just makes it a horrible map to play on.

I also quit games when I see that map popping up for Tactical Slayer. Hoping that since they got rid of it for Ranked CTF, they’ll eventually get rid of it for Tactical Slayer.

I really don’t understand the hate. It does not feel too big for 4vs4, and has many avenues to traverse the map.

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I actually don’t mind this map. It could be a fun vehicle map if the floatiness of vehicles was toned down.

My main complaint is that it is too symmetrical: when spawning ot is really hard to tell which side you have spawned on. Adding some color or other visual indicators would really help.

I don’t like it that much for Tactical Slayer, but I don’t care for that mode in general.

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I’m with you, I like Behemoth because it reminds me the most of an old school Halo map.


I dont approve quit a game in any circumstance, but yeah behemoth is the worst map in halo history

What this guy said. I’d stay even with me VS 4 people. Especially in SWAT. It’s 1 shot per kill if you can aim right. Do you not think you’d get more than 1 kill per death if you had the skill? Easy win.

343i, bring back open lobbies and open communication.

I found this to be a problem at the beginning for all maps. When you respawn, it took me a little while to get my bearings. I wish when the respawn counter is ticking down, the camera would actually focus on your respawn location…

I like that it focuses on your dead body, it gives you the ability to give information to your teammates. That is, when you’re using a mic. cough-most people don’t-cough
That being said, there should be a bit more distinction on the main spawns, a color, or some shading like on the two towers, etc.

343i bring back open lobbies & open communication.

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Sure, that’s good to have too. So maybe first half of the countdown focus on the location of your death and/or your killer (like it does at the moment), but the second half should shift to your respawn location, so you can start planning where to move immediate

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Maybe like the last 1-2 seconds, sure. But the longer you get to watch where the ~er that killed you is at… the more of a chance you know where they are to put a couple of shots into their cranium, and then your cyborg barbie spot on their face.

343i bring back open lobbies & open communication.


Well, that is till you get banned from matchmaking for an extensive amount of time. During events it should go up to a weeks time so you end up losing all of your chances to complete the event lol.


It’s the out-of-wedlock child of Sandtrap and Snowbound. Problem is it feels like 1/4 the size of Sandtrap with the openness of Snowbound.

(I liked Sandtrap and hated Snowbound)


Dramatically underrated map.

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