Behemoth needs to get the boot from comp!

I’m absolutely tired of playing this map on CTF killing 4 players with my team going to pull flag and then having the enemy team spawn and be able to cross map us with a BR with a perfect angle on us.

  1. This map is hands down not competitively viable so much so that apparently it is not even in HCS so why the hell are we forced to play this no one wants this map in comp you can’t go a single game on it without being traded on almost every kill
  2. This map hands down needs to be kept in unranked play but be kicked out of ranked or give us a veto system
  • Its honestly insane how this map has not been tken down given all the feedback the devs have been getting

I do not mind this map.

Any1 know how to put up a poll?

ctf ranked behemoth and bazar are awful experience’s


Even for Social it’s hot garbage


It’s only made more awful by the fact that if you solo queue, 67% of the time, your team will be running around trying to get kills while the other team just waltzes in and steals your flag because nobody bothered to play defense.


I enjoy this map, but I generally enjoy everything. It has fun interplay with a lot of different elements. It’s got big open areas and vehicles play, as well as the central corridor and interior spaces. I don’t find getting cross mapped to be too big of a problem. It is risky to run out to the corner areas of the map on foot.

when making a post or reply you select the settings cog and you can build a poll

the base spawn killing isn’t a problem to you? with how open it is you have no good/safe spawning. made worse with the cross mapping. also ranked has no vehicles so the size of map starts to become a negative.

Also I don’t care what HCS and other leagues do or do not do. What they do is take a video game and tweak the settings and turn it into something else for a very specific purpose. HCS is a way to play Halo, but it’s not THE way to play Halo.

If there’s enough interest in it, then yes, create an HCS playlist if enough people enjoy that, but what HCS does is not an argument for what should be in other playlists. Average person Ranked play =/ pro play

ranked already has different settings from base, hence why its ranked. plus ranked does = pro play because its the settings the pro’s play with or ranked settings will change to reflect what the pro’s settings are

Yeah, I guess I forgot that they took the vehicles out of Ranked, which does make it more boring. I don’t remember spawn trapping being too much of a problem since you can spawn under the base too. I played Ranked until I reached Diamond I and then I haven’t touched it. I don’t remember being frustrated by Behemoth, and even without the vehicles, I still like it. Maybe you have reached higher levels of play and things have been broken by the higher level players.

im ranked diamond 5 atm but i queue with onyx friends,

nothing is worse then playing an 18 minute game of ctf behemoth with no flags captured

I fully agree. There is a reason it’s not played in HCS.

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Which is funny because the easiest way to get kills in ctf is on the dude that’s just sprinting to the flag and not paying attention to his surroundings.

I’m talking about comp though comp has no vehicles

Honestly this map just sucks and needs to be removed I really don’t understand why 343 has been dragging their feet on this

dang so running for 20 seconds to get an AR kill isn’t fun who could have guessed

I mean, just BR them better than they BR you

I have had some pretty intense CTF games on this map, but this is at the Gold/Platinum level. They are generally 1-0 or 2-1 though. Don’t think I’ve ever played a game of CTF on Behemoth that ends at the cap limit. I can see how at the higher skill levels, tons of games can end 0-0. I’d be okay with them removing Behemoth CTF from the ranked rotation, or adding the vehicles in for ranked.

I do think Slayer on this map should stay in rotation, but again I’m not a high ranked player, so my experience probably differs from a lot of others’ here.