Before you request a forge world...

I am making this thread as a message both to the Halo community and 343 (although they probably won’t read this). I am noticing that many people simply ignore all the problems with Halo 4’s forge and just complain that there is no forge world and that they want it back. Alright I will start with my first point

  1. Forge world was just barely able to fit in Reach according to Bungie’s forge world creators. In two videos they say that they were really pushing their boundaries. Although in the end it worked and it worked well, it did mean that if they try to do it again might be impossible by another company like 343. They even said that this was too much for the production and that again they were really pushing their luck. It’s amazing to me that they actually implemented it in the end. That was Bungie though and if Bungie was just barely able to put forge world in Reach; then I do not expect 343 to do the same with the latest Halo games. It may seem unfortunate as we can all agree, that yes it would be nice to have it. However, knowing that information I think we should be asking for more reasonable stuff. A few better improved forge maps would be nice but then again I am not sure how much more they can add to the game. If not in Halo 4, maybe Halo 5 or in Halo 5 they could just make better maps in the first place. The maps they made in Halo 4 were not bad but they were not that great either.

  2. If you are going to say anything about forge then one of the things that should be mentioned is the current flaws and not just what we want that is not already there. I have seen only two things about forge in Halo 4 threads. A. NEW forge suggestions
    B. The request for Forge world

I will go ahead and give a list of the problems of the forge in Halo 4
C. The magnets they added do not align very well. They usually get misaligned if you exit the map and come back. They will often make pieces slightly crooked and it can cause quite a bit of time consuming frustration. That might be able to be fixed with locking the pieces but I haven’t tried that yet. Oh and yes you could argue that “well just use the coordinates like in Reach and don’t worry about the magnets”. Yes I could do that but it is a feature in the game that should be working anyways. They may fix it but I don’t know that and I certainly hope they do. I must say that I only use the magnets for the initial layout and foundation but not the entire map.

D. They changed the skins for the platforms and now many of them are now uneven because of their changes. Sometimes you will notice certain pieces don’t align well with other pieces. I feel like they could have done with very few changes to Bungie’s forge creation and just added some new maps and a few new things. They didn’t add much but they did change quite a bit.

I think that is it for now but if I want to add more I will come back and edit the post.

Halo Reach forge world talks:

There was another video where they revealed the forge world in Reach at E3 but I can’t find it. So if you can link it that would be great.

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