Before any new Content or Events are released fix the game pc side

Honestly going to say this. Idk how many matches ive had where im playing the game and the match becomes Filled with lag. Causing my character to stutter and stop moving mid match on pc. I never experience these problems on the xbox series x. But on pc where i feel i can play better with simply put mouse and keyboard its amazing Where i will be mid match and my charchter will stop moving mid match. And ill be delayed for a minut two two minuts Before moving agian. My pc and graphics are up to date. I use xfinity for my internet connection never have these problems on xbox but on ppc why is it i experience stuttering? And lag that gets taken advantage of and hasnt been fixed or patched within a years time since halos release? Dosent make sense that i can experience hardly any problems on console using the same internet. But with a consistantly updated pc. And only running the halo infinite program while on pc I shouldent have a problem at all. Pc side Needs fixing asap