Been There Done That

You’ve been there.
You’ve seen the sun set on the desert and heard the sounds of mortars and rocket shells in the night. You know the taste of sand on an MRE. You know the sound of an A-10 as it takes off for a strafing run. You know the taste of salt in your mouth as your Zodiac pushes for the beach.
You’ve done that.
You didn’t get just a lousy T-shirt. You got wounds, scars, memories and a brotherhood. For you, it wasn’t a game. It was a job. It was a job you volunteered for- many times, more than once.
Welcome to [BTDT]‘Been There Done That’.
We are a group of veterans, active, inactive and retired, who game, socialize and continue the brotherhood. We don’t care about your skill level, your gender, your age or if you were combat deployed. We don’t care if you were a Soldier, Sailor, Airman or Marine.
We only ask one question. Did you serve?
We’d love for you to apply. Why? Because you’ve Been There and Done That.
So have we.

Mainly focused on playing BF3 but i am trying to get more members in who play Halo 4. Great group of guys that really like to use teamwork when playing competitively (also play sociably as well).

Very extensive screening process. must send in a copy of your DD214 if your a veteran (BLOCK OUT ANY SENSITIVE INFORMATION BEFORE SENDING IN WITH APPLICATION), copy of the front of your military ID if still active, I used a copy of my Veterans Affairs ID and was accepted. Once again please black out any and all sensitive information (SSN, and address for example).

the link to join is

In the application put Hitman0341 as the member who sent you.

Thank you for your time
Semper Fi