Been on the struggle bus today

I know my recent games haven’t had much of a starting army, but last game we made it to late game i got kind of stuck in tech 2 purgatory with Arbiter/ infantry, jerome and Johnson on other team, and I dont even know who my teammate was, basically came down to me stripping Jerome’s main twice, and teammates had tanks and fought off Johnsons mechs, Jerome by the end had 4 mastodon with cyclops/sniper and that beat us, like I felt so lost, like why couldn’t I beat mastodons with 6-8 hunters and enforcers, with full CoR (with 4 abilites) Hindsight i felt teching into wraiths might have won us the game.

All in all it wasn’t a bad game, like this is just not a fun game to play by yourself anymore, even when you have the strats and the upper hand, like I said I know my early game has been sort of weak today, but does anyone just not want to sweat every game, its fun, but its not fun 4 or 5 games in, you get -Yoinked!- for trying something new

Halo wars 2 in it’s entirety is a strugglebus as most games end with broken army comps or cheese strats that are just unfun.

Halo Wars 2 can be fun but there are many cheese strats.

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> Halo Wars 2 can be fun but there are many cheese strats.

too many cheese strats and matchmaking has been an absolute pain for the past week. just got to the the “screw this game, uninstall” phase…never thought I’d say that.

Want to teach me some “cheese strats” I’m terrible at ranked, and I’d love to just smash through AI games for that XP!