Been a while.. help

I hadn’t played much. Launch once it was playable. And a chunk a few years ago… I’ve noticed the changes and “modernization” if you will with the extra crap. But I’ve also noticed a few settings additions I believe and I’m having a terrible time with my sensitivity settings. Mainly it seems that my zoom speed is phenomenally faster then hip fire. Can anyone help? I’ve got it on 2 I think with 0 acceleration.
I’ve never understood all that dead zone and drift crap I almost wish they never had that cuz it just messes with my psych lol
I’ve always been a <3 sens player and I can barely snipe anymore
Mainly only play H2 and H3

There should be a zoom, scope setting. Make sure you’re settings are on H2 and H3. I suggest turning it all the way down so that you can see how much it’s affected towards your current sens. Mess around with that. If not, put your deadzones at default.

Hmm don’t remember seeing that unless it’s another drop tab or something… thanks

The Zoom Scope really sucks big time! Why? If you use your zoom/scope and you shot use loose the zoom/scope. IMHO THAT IS REALLY STUPID! The zoom/scope should stay on when you shoot until you turn off your zoom/scope!