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> Ladies and other Spartans. . . - Sarah Palmer

This is, SII MasterChief here, recently 343 Industries introduced the Spartan Companies, giving us players / Spartans the ability to create our own Fireteam / Clan. . .
So Ive taken it apon my self to start my own, Called the, " UNSC BlueTeam " right now, there are a few members, including me and were looking to grow, make friends and have a good time. I am working on building a Youtube channel as well. . .
If you are interested in joining, click the link provided and request for an invitation or Dm on HaloWayPoint .
Be sure to check out my Youtube channel as well, still in the works, feedback helps!

  • SII MasterChief
    Introduction to Blue Team
    First Command: SII MasterChief
    Second Command: SII Frederic104
    SII Frederic104 came up with an idea to where if you would like to immerse yourself more in the Halo " lore ", then you can change you gamertag to a Spartan name. ( Example : SII MasterChief, SII Frederic104 or SII Kelly 87. ) If you are interested in this and are wondering what tags are available, You can hop onto the Halo wiki page and search for Blue team, Black team, noble team etc. etc. Just see what spartan they were / are ( SII, SIII, SIV ) name, ( MasterChief, Frederic, Kelly ) and number, ( 104, 117, 87, 58 ) You don’t need to have a " BLUE TEAM " , tag, it can be any, not just a Spartan tag, it can be any Halo character, just make sure its 15 characters long. ( If you have any questions or concerns, Contact SII Frederic104 for more info. )
    Also, Please Check out our #Squadverisment and join up and invite your friends. Halo 5 is an competitive game and I personally would love to have a competitive group of people in our ranks. Link below
    -SII MasterChief
    -UNSC BlueTeam
    - - - AXIOS! - - -
    Note : Open to Co - joining Spartan Companies, if thats the case, Please MessageFirst Command @SII_MasterChief or Second Command.
    You can Direct message us here on Waypoint or on Xbox one, (If you message on Xbox one, Please Detail the purpose of the message and let Us know you message us on The Halowaypoint.)
    - SII Frederic104
    - UNSC BlueTeam