Because you begged

Hey 343 please fix this challenge it’s broken. I’ve probably done it 5 or 6 times just throwing it out there, no problem doing it again once you fix it. Love that you brought it back and love the reward just wish it wasn’t broken

having the same issue, i was doing some limited testing (on PC) and you dont even take fall damage when you jump off the cliff

This is ridiculous this is the same bug that happened back when Reach first came out! WHAT THE HECK IVE DONE IT 30 TIMES ALREADY ON LEGENDARY HELL THIS IS WORSE THEN IT WAS BACK IN 2010!!

I did the same at different accounts, and just in my main i cant get.

Hey folks, to keep things tidy and save a million threads on this:

if you are on PC please see this thread:

For Xbox you can use this thread:

Also worth reading over the latest info from 343 about the challenge: