Because it needs to be said.

Hi all;

Long time halo fan, played all games, yada yada yada.

All you people posting on this forum and whining because you dislike Halo 4 should realize that we don’t really care what you think. There are hundreds of thousands of us playing and loving it and we don’t really want to hear that you’re “quitting Halo forever” or that you think “Halo is ruined forever”.

To 343: You did a bloody good job and there are alot more of us on here that love what you’ve done with our game…we just don’t necessarily feel the need to spout our affections constantly. Admittedly I’m doing so now but it is because I am tired of signing onto this forum and seeing it swamped in complaints and belly-aching. I have loved almost every aspect of this game, and I will get used to the aspects I struggle with because that’s what it means to be a gamer. Thank you for carrying our game on into a bright future.

Hope that this post makes it high on the forum so it can combo-break the hecklers.

Farewell and regards.

How dare you not complain about some so trivial like Join in progress.

Back on topic. Its great to see that there are SOME people with Morales who appreciate what 343 is doing.


I’m all for reading if someone has a legitimate complaint based on game-mechanic or devalued story. Unfortunately that is not the case.

I also think credit should be given where credit is due. It is not enough to simply let sales do the talking. We are a community and as such should appreciate that what we have is exceptional.

Once I see constructive criticism instead of cries for attention I’ll be much happier. But until then I am fine leaving my own less negative and aggressive opinion posted here.

I also read through your link and agree with many of your points. But unfortunately even in your well constructed delivery you drew the “I hate it because hating it is the thing to do” crowd. And it is those posts and forum-goers to which I directed this topic.

I love every single bit of this game but I still REALY can’t get on with forge and custom games which is annoying for me cos I’m a huge forger, but I will see if they do any future updates to improve all this, one thing I REALY can’t see why people are complaining about is join in progress, it’s brilliant!! No more 1 vs 8 etc yeah you might join in the middle of one match… Cry me a river, when that match is over you have a whole match to play, and then another whole match and guess what… Another whole match etc etc

I agree 100%