For those of you out there who still love this beautiful game… Whether new or old school, I think this will inspire you to love it a little more…

HALO 4 - “Beautiful”

This is great stuff. The time lapses in the beginning were amazing! I would have never thought of that. Cool game footage as well :smiley:

Very nice video!! Loved the music, and the gameplay was phenomenal…wish I could pull off some of those shots!

Thank you both! =)

Awesome video and montage. The action seemed pretty well synched with the music, and I really enjoyed those moments of the sniper bullets hitting the ground. That was pretty creative, good work :slight_smile:

finally someone whos sees Halo 4 for what it it

which is nothing short of amazinggg! =)

Pretty good, but as usual I have constructive critism; I would recommend that once the fileshare is online, you use a video editing software on your computer. This way the slow-motion doesn’t end up looking stoppy.

Beautiful, and that’s only multiplayer. If only we had campaign and spops theatre.