Beating the Warden on Legendary solo

Okay so I’ve stuck trying to beat the 3 wardens on legendary for probably 4 hours. I’ve tried to divide and conquer them to no progress what so ever. Does anyone have any tips on how to get passed it?

incineration cannons and binary rifles. stock up before hand.

In the beginning, get them to converge on your teammates so you can hit all three at once with the incineration cannon.

Then just take them one at a time. Watch & listen for their Lazer blast and use thruster at the last second so they miss you.

You don’t have to always hit them in the back. hitting them in the face works too. Just be aggressive, position yourself to minimize how many can see you at once, and unload on them.

After I ran out of ammo for all the incineration cannons, I just spammed light rifle to their face.

At some point your downed teammates will get back up on their own, the key is to just keep inflicting damage until they do and survive by repositioning yourself after you damage one enough to stun them.

Or skip the whole 3 warden fight if you want the easy way out.

You can literally skip that part look it up on youtube if you want to pass up that stressful suicide.

Checkpoints are your friend…you get one after killing the first Warden.

Stay near the door behind the columns on either side and send your team to the other. Order them to fire and you should have his back open to binary whilst the Warden attacks them. Unload fury on his -Yoink- until he goes down. Once you get the checkpoint then repeat the same and try to stay in cover to avoid the annoying turrets that activate. For the 3rd, I was able to take him down at close range.

Sometimes 2 Wardens come rushing out…in which case you’re pretty much screwed. Just stick with it…it does take a bit of luck with how they attack you.

Outfit Fireteam with Canons, Binaries, or Rifles. Position them on one side (behind a pillar) while you go to the other, lure one Warden to the area between the pillars and order them to target him. They get unlimited ammo, so as long as you can keep him focus’d on you they can just continue to fire. Key is separating 1 from the other two. If you can manage it, shouldn’t take long at all. If one does go down order them to revive, if they don’t get revived and die, they will lose any weapon you equipped them with.

my strat is to run to one side immediately get a incendiary cannon and charge and fire at all 3 as soon as they land, then use the man cannons to get to the other side and focus on one until it goes down and just focus your team on one and shoot the crap out of the others

took me about an hour to get this strategy down but it was smooth and didnt even have to worry about the turrets

Don’t die :slight_smile: or skip. lol.

Beat the entire campaign on Legendary Solo.

Beat the entire campaign LASO.

If you really want to do the fight there are Incineration cannons all over the map on your way up. Order Blue Team to grab them as you go and make sure you grab one from the knights or a weapon station right before the Warden. When you’re in the fight, order your team to hit the one chasing you and in a few hits he should go down. Just keep hammering him with charged shots. When your first cannon runs out there are two more on the very back wall where the Warden spawns in. I ended up fighting the last 2 versions of him on the back left side.

Another bit of advice is try to exploit his weakpoint on his back. Whatever weapon you bring in with you besides the cannon (I would recommend precision weapon, probably lightrifle or binary rifle since forerunner weapons seems to do way more damage against forerunner enemies) should do a lot of damage if you can hit the weakpoint.

It is do-able, just may take a little practice. I even managed to get the achievement (if your team is about to wipe just reset to last checkpoint which you get a new one every time a Warden dies and you’ll get it no problem.)

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> Beat the entire campaign LASO.

i think this is the hardest halo to do that on.

if you really did congrats man!

Thanks for the help guys!