beat the living -Yoink- out of noobs

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Sorry to be a killjoy but I think there are rules on these forums about talking about one person. I suggest you edit or remove.

lynch mob anyone?
pitchforks and torches around 6? can we all agree…

  1. Not Halo 4 related.
  2. This will get locked.


> This player believes himself to be all that, and in all the time that he has been playing he is still just a noob. Now i may just be a beginner at reach but i know for a fact that <mark>you have to have a BPR of at least 70 to even think of saying that you are good</mark>. I recommend taking action against this noob on behalf of all halo fans.

Looks at BPR… but my mom says i’m good…

It has been changed. All should be happy.

How old are you? Your Mom? :confused:

Generally only the so called “Noobs” call other people “Noobs”.

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