Beat the game, legendary,got no mark IV armor

Okay so I beat the game, every mission, on legendary with 2 friends and after hours of playing we get back to the lobby and everyone gets there armor…but me. It says I’ve completed the game on legendary, you can check my profile. Why the hell didn’t i get it. I checked my commendations and for some reason I don’t have the commendations for infinity- legend, even though my service record states i beat it.
I seriously don’t wanna have to play that whole thing over it was hard as f!@#
I really wanna be master chief, its the only reason I even played on legendary what do I do 343 please help :frowning:
(Earlier that day in war games I was showing up as a SR 1 even though I’m SR 40 and it would only let me have the beginner load outs I have no clue why)

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Now, to your problem. If your commendation says you are missing one mission, you should probably re-do that one. If it still doesn’t work, then you will have to wait for somebody else to help you. Sorry. This seems like a common bug around here so you should be able to find a solution soon.

lucky you doing it with friends i was told you have to do it in solo and so i did in 7 hours but cause i did 3 missions offliine it obviously didn’t register on the server and i have to redo them 3 missions to get it also it wasn’t that hard you just need to find out the weaknesses of each AI like the elites the hate pressure and there easy to kill from long range elites are only effective at medium range

Sorry, no help. But it mark VI, not IV

If you start at a certain rally point other than alpha, it doesnt count. I had to do mission 2 again. Good thing Legendary is pretty easy (other than the gondolas and the mammoth mission)

kinda off topic but does anyone have the forest armor skin they sill trade for my oceanic.

This seems to have become a common problem.

Firstly make sure you check that each mission clearly states you have completed it on Legendary, If not then replay those that you need to, If that isn’t the case it may want to sit tight for awhile and see if it corrects itself as I’ve seen alot of posts with the same issue.