Beat Halo 4 Legendary Solo Offline??

Hey guys, first time poster here. My internet was down when I beat the entirety of the campaign alone on legendary yesterday. I no-life’d it. After watching the credits roll I discovered that I didn’t unlock any of the armor, even though I obviously got the achievements.

I googled to see if other people have been faced with this problem (I found that it is very common, as you probably already know) and I read a couple guys telling another person who had this problem to go on the waypoint forum and see if a mod would unlock the stuff manually, since they’d be able to quickly check and see that that person got the achievements.

I know this is kinda pathetic seeing as I could technically just go through and beat the game again once my internet goes back online (right now i’m posting from a library procrastinating homework), but if it’s possible for mods to unlock armor manually, would anybody be willing to do that for me?

EDIT: I just checked and, as I should have suspected, the achievement isn’t showing up on my waypoint account cause I haven’t connected to live since I beat it. So obviously never mind about unlocking it now, but now more out of curiosity than anything, would a mod be willing to manually unlock it for me once I get back online?

Hi Xenopro77,

Unfortunately you’ll have to complete the campaign again while connected to Xbox Live for Waypoint to record the data.