Beat Champion #1, no CSR. Seriously?

My team beat a champion team in SWAT which also had the #1 ranked player at the time. Yet I gained 0 CSR. I also have not gained CSR my last 30 victories. Yet I get booted from the game and lose 30 CSR. So it is literally impossible for me to go up. Please address this appropriately 343.

I think its an onyx specific problem atm. You xan rank down but not up. Is happening in ffa and peoples csrs are really nodediving

Really wish 343 would confirm that they are aware of the problem and are working to resolve it.
Plastic two days I’ve not ranked up at all despite several win streaks.

Feeling the CSR pain hard as well Rage. FFA CSR has been jacked for me

Me too. Dozens of games down the pan. I hope 343 restore our ranks from before the problem happened or there is just no point grinding any more. Cos i worked -Yoink!- hard for it and so did others. Come on 343 please help us

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surprised haven’t seen an announcement or anything on this.

I know right?

Ugh! So annoying.

That absolutely sucks, they may just wait untill the update to sort it out and not mention it. Is it just slayer based games or team arena also?

CSR is screwed at the momment mate, people are losing it all over the place.

This has happened to me in slayer for about 4 or 5games a week ago or so… Seemed to me to be resolved

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> CSR is screwed at the momment mate, people are losing it all over the place.

Yep and no comment or fix yet from 343. I think its fair to say that the onyx csr rank has become a bit of a farce now with all these problems which is highly unfortunate and unfair. It has become a race for 343 to take you to the bottom. The lack of reply almost makes me think 343 are actually doing this on purpose because it would explain a lot, true or not

When is this going to be fixed? There’s no point in playing ranked matches if the ranking system is broken.

Exactly. In fact the whole onyx division is a farce for the season now. It is as accurate as using chopsticks to measure the weight of something. 343 should give at least the season high csrs back to players and associated mmr in time for the end of the season. And the champion ranks, no offenece to any champions, must also be highly inaccurate now due to some losing csr and those not playing benefitting from not losing csr.

I dont think it is just onyx. I am platinum and watch my percentage of rank on Halotracker after games cause I noticed it was hard to go up and very easy to go down. For instance, I was at 12% then won 4 straight. It took me only to 80%, an average of 17% increase, and they were games against mostly other platinums, some golds/diamonds mixed in. I lost one game following the 4 wins and lost 36%, negating 2 wins and then some. I’ll have to win 90% of my matches if I ever have a prayer of hitting diamond, which is pretty unreasonable.

I feel like it hasn’t always been this way. I feel like winning four straight in previous seasons was a guaranteed rank up, heck, sometimes 3 in a row boosted you up a notch.

Maybe the onyx problems are now starting to trickle down - if pnyx doesnt go up then it was bound to zlow the othet division eventually… wheres the 343 announcement? Oh wait they dont seem to care…