beat CE campaign, Heroic. got achievement for Easy

I know there have been many, many bug reports with this game. I’m curious to know if anyone else has encountered this one. Last night, I finished the CE campaign on Heroic via the Heroic playlist. Like many have reported, the playlist skipped over the mission, 343 Guilty Spark. So, I went and played that one through the Campaign menu. After finishing the playlist last night, I got the achievement for finishing The Maw, and for finishing the whole campaign on Easy, but that’s all. When I scroll through the missions in the Campaign menu, they all show that they have been completed on Heroic. Also, if I check the achievement progress for completing the campaign on Normal and Heroic, they both show progress of 9/10. Somewhere along the way, a mission has not reported itself to those two achievements.

Has anyone else encountered this? Is there a known campaign mission that has this issue that might pinpoint my search of which mission needs to be played through again?

Yeah it happened to me on H1 and H2, i think its fairly common and will be fixed with the patch.