Beat campaign solo on Legendary, no mark iv

I have the achievements, but on my profile and commendations it says I only beat 2 missions. This probably happened because my internet always disconnects, but that shouldn’t be the reason why I can’t get the armor because I still beat the campaign solo on legendary and my achievements prove it. If anyone else has this problem add on to this thread to hopefully get 343’s attention in solving this problem.

I have the same problem and I already reported it to 343 Orfanoui.

Unlocking the Mark VI armor is tied to the commendations for beating the Campaign on Legendary. Just like all armor that isn’t obtained via codes or leveling is tied to the commendation system. It’s how they were implemented.

And in order to get commendations you have to be online.

Unfortunately, the Armor rewards are given out by the Commendations that are in-game, not the Achievements system.

Seeing as Commendations are only available while connected to Xbox Live, any sort of disconnection at the completion of the mission will result in the Commendation not being earned and thus, you will not get the reward.

I understand your frustration, but if you can’t get ahold of 343, I’d suggest grabbing 3 friends and doing 4-player Co-op, I did 2-player Co-op for Legendary, and it was really easy, even if we died a ton.

The commendations state that you have to beat the level on Legendary, shouldn’t make a difference whether you or online or not. If anything once you reconnect the info should be transferred.