Beat a campaign mission on legendary, but it'

Help! I beat a campaign mission on legendary but it’s not showing up on my commendation screen! :o

I’m playing through on legendary and after three hours I finally beat the level Infinity and got about halfway through Reclaimer when I decided to call it a night and save and exit to the main menu. Just for grins, I click start so I can smile at my hard earned commendation, one more level closer to getting the Mark VI multiplayer armour right?

But wait! It’s not there! Dumbstruck, I go back to the campaign area to look at the levels I beat and sure enough, in there it shows that I have Dawn Requim Forerunner and Infinity beat on Legendary and the rest of the levels on normal(I beat everything on normal first last week). I tried entering a matchmaking game and it said I’m not connected to the Halo 4 server which makes no sense because I had played a few king of the hill matches a little while before I was playing campaign. I never logged out of Live or profile or anyting. In fact, I can right now still send messages through the guide button.

What do I have to do to fix this? Can I just start the level and exit? Do I have to start from the last available checkpoint or do I have to play this whole stupid level again? This was one of the most boring levels in the game, you can’t skip or rush past everything and have to grind out each and every kill, I reallllly hope I don’t have to do that all again. Any help would be appreciated!

umm no, you may have lost connection during your campaign which caused you to play during offline, in which case doesn’t count when you log back on live.

Yeah that sux bro, happened to me twice. Had to replay Forerunner and Midnight to get the chiefs armor. And dudes right, its because I lost connectivity and was offline when I first completed them and hadnt realised it.

Ugggh. So basically I need to replay the entire level again. That doesn’t make sense to me though, why must I be online? I’m playing single player! ugh. Thanks for they support team. :frowning: