Beam and TrueAchievements

Yet again I was wondering about waypoint. I thought that it would be a good idea to have areas to input out Beam account links and TrueAchievement links in our bio section. Similar to how there’s the option to link out twitter, facebook, reddit and other accounts.

Do you think this is a good idea or not?

P.S for all you guys and gals who don’t know what beam is, it’s almost identical to twitch, but it’s microsoft owned. It’s very easy to broadcast your gameplay and communicate with your followers. You can make a beam account here. Linking your xbone account.

To start broadcasting, press the xbox home button, below the settings there will be a new icon, called beam. Then there will be an option to broadcast. From then on you can broadcast any game you want.

P.P.S for all you people who don’t know what TrueAchievements is, it’s a online website, linked to your xbox account, showing you all the achievements you have, what you need to get, and because it’s a community, people post solutions up on how to solve achievements. Here is the webpage. It has helped me get the Halo achievements I needed.