"Beacon"BTB wip

Hey everyone I am in the process of making a CE reminiscent map.
I would like some feedback for the map before I add the finishing touches.
add my gamertag JJ RABBID and look in my files for the map named “BEACON0.9”.
I recommend you use it for BTB, CTF and maybe FFA. 4-16 players
I don’t have many playtesters so knock yourselves out. Their is also some “Easter eggs” because I got bored at one point.

it features a beacon structure from the halo ce campaign and the multiplayer map infinity.
Here is a image of the tower
And another
Message me over XBL or here I will gladly respond.

I am also up for name suggestions if “beacon” isn’t very fitting.


If you want your map tested tonight, head over to Forge.World. Post your map details in the Tuesday Night Tests thread. TNT runs every Tuesday to help forgers test their maps.


We meet again…
I’ll download the map ASAP, always in the mood for a new BTB run.

Awesome hope you like it.