Be the Bullet Recruiting

Be the Bullet was established toward the end of Halo Reach, to be a clan that was more than that. To be a community of like minded gamers, where everyone is able to voice their opinions and be apart of our success.

Be the Bullet (BtB) is a military based community, with a twist. While we do have ranks and a Command Structure, we seek the input and suggestions of our community to make us a stronger, more efficient, and funner community to be apart of. Ranks are in place to add incentive to members to participate, and the Command Structure is in place to provide exactly that, structure, balance, and when necessary; guidance.

Be the Bullet supports Companies (regional commands) across the World, from North America to Australia.
We support Competitive gamers and casual gamers.
If you want to be competitive, play in clan battles we have a place for you! If you just want to play with some buds, relieve some stress after a long day at work or school, we have a place for you!

Be the Bullet is more than a clan or a community, we are an experience, an experience we want to invite everyone to take a part in!

Basic Requirements:

Be at least 16 years of age
Have a working microphone
Be able to access our website regularly
Be able to attend regularly scheduled practices (competitive teams)

Be the Bullet is currently under going some structural adjustments and now is the perfect time to get in and help us shape the future of the clan for Halo 4! If you want to make your gaming experience richer, visit our website today!

Join BtB today! We’re growing quickly, and now developing Fire Teams that will be soon performing in competitive clan battles. Now is the time to jump in and become apart of something special!

I should note that we are also looking for other clans to play (scrimmage or competitive). Inquire at or message me.

Be the bullet is available to players of all skill levels. If you want to get better, show off your skills or just make new friends. We are the group for you. Feel free to ask questions!

I’m interested…

Check out the website and fill out an application. Feel free to add me on Xbox. Look forward to hearing from you!

I would like to clan battle when possible add LX0 InVasion or check us out

Says i cannot submit the application… is it because i need to register?

Yes. Please register first. It’s rather easy.

Submitted my app, hope you like it.

I just sent in my aswell, hope you guys have room

Plenty of room. Keep them coming!

Happy Monday morning, we’re very pleased with the interest so far, please keep it coming. The larger we grow, the more we can do!

Plus its good to have a large pool of people to play with who all have mics and want to win everyday. What’s not to like about that?