Be sure to find the 117 collectibles

I figure that I’d go ahead and put this out there. I recommend that before you go out of your way to comment on the games story, whether you think it is bad or good, that you take the time to find the 117 collectibles scattered throughout the Halo 5 campaign. I’m willing to bet that these collectibles will fill in any gaps that you or I may have about the story leading up to Halo 5 and possibly even events that happen in Halo 5 that we weren’t apart of.

For those that are unaware of these collectibles please refer to this blog post. (Hint: look for the curious collectibles header)

Thanks for the heads up. I have never had an issue with the Halo series storyline but I love me some collectibles.

Nice. Thanks for the heads up!

Will do thank for the heads up.

collectibles yey!

sweet. Will do.

No problem guys, I just don’t want people to judge the game without understanding that you might have to put in a little more time than just beating the game to understand what is going on.

Tanks for sharing. I will find them.

I believe this is the reason why reviews so far have had mixed feelings about campaign. For those of us that take the time to explore and collect these things, I guarantee the story becomes more “complete” and interesting than if someone just ran through the story as quickly as possible.

Thanks, i’ll finish campaign first and then look for the collectibles

I love finding things…and this is awesome, plus of course, the number holds great significance to us!

Make sure you search for all the data pads in Sanghelli camps. One in particular had me laughing almost to the point of crying!