Be honest - how much of the hate is PC snobbery?

NO Replies please

  • A lot. It’s a lowly console franchise
  • None. I say love your brother.
  • Okay, maybe a little.

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Where you ever going to embrace a console game without finding some fault to keep it in its place?

I’m asking for no replies to make it easier to be truthful and not catch flack from others.

incredible bait post

I’m just gonna reply and not vote to spite you.

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I think you both have answered my question. :blush:

Bro. I’ve been an Xbox head since Halo 2 days.

After learning Halo infinite will be on the PC I went to PC. I still play a controller.

So your literally talking about someone who technically isn’t a PC player but still is on PC


Firstly if we don’t reply, your post will not be bumped up and will be buried in cat’s ears posts within 10 seconds.

Secondly, the complaints are not just from PC users, they’re from anyone with a complete, working set of eyeballs.


What hate is pc snobbery?

Hating the progression system is not pc exclusive. Nor the lack of content.

Being disappointed that they can’t play a fair game with controller players is the only pc specific problem. I play with both inputs and I agree with them on that fully.