Be honest...How much have you spent in the store for Halo Infinite?

Probably no more than $4. I mainly used Microsoft Rewards points to cover the bulk of it.


Just wish the chest emblem was added to the outside of the chest pieces. My Clippy doesn’t show…

More than I should. More than I want, I know I shouldn’t, but who’s gonna care in a hundred years and I can’t take anything with me when I die so might as well enjoy Halo stuff while I’m alive…

Two battle passes and the Halo armor effect.

I have a bunch of credits - just haven’t really found anything I wanted to buy. I’d like to get the Mister Chief AI.

The reason why i still dont buy an infinite armor set

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Love scout my guy but i alredy spent a lot.

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uh according to things about 200 dollars… and going to spend more.

Season 1: ~$400
Season 2: $10.

I might spend more when we get more QOL fixes.

Nothing. I didn’t even buy the campaign, because I just had two weeks left of Game Pass when it was released.

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I was really hesitant, I dont think it shouldve been sold but since scout is my favorite I didnt want to take any chances


I bought a couple bundles, so… I think about $30 overall. really loved the Neon Superfly and the Zvezda set. And I do a lot of nail polish, so I ended up going thru the OPI promotion for the sparkle coating (the polish is really nice, too even if the names are horrible unfunny puns lmao)

The estate gold was an accident believe it or not (I had to turn off discord overlay for Infinite when I discovered that upon typing into the overlay chat box, Infinite was still taking my keyboard inputs!! FYI for anyone else who has discord notifs/overlay on when you’re playing :grimacing: )

Oh, if we’re countin battle passes, I got both of those. I finished the first one way early so I figured I’d likely get my money’s worth on the second as well. Not really as fond of the Rakshasa core though.