Be Completely Honest...

Are you thankful that there is a Halo 4 or do you believe that the series would have best ended with the amazing cliffhanger in Halo 3?

I wouldn’t mind a Halo 4…just not THIS Halo 4.

Halo story should have ended with H3.

It would have been better in some more established hands, but unfortunately Microsoft owns the rights.

would of been better if it ended on h3.
reach was horrid imo, and h4 is barely any better

If it’s the cliffhanger/story you’re asking about I’m glad it continued. Halo 4’s campaign was an absolute privilege from start to finish.

> I wouldn’t mind a Halo 4…just not THIS Halo 4.

Exactly my opinion.

> I wouldn’t mind a Halo 4…just not THIS Halo 4.

Amazingly well put.

I’m more than happy with Halo 4 and will anxiously await 5 and 6.

I happy with Halo 4, it seems to me that not many people are coming on the forums and complaining about the campaign just the Multiplayer, it’s Pathetic.

In retrospect they should have just re-skinned Halo 2 and 3 and held back on the new trilogy till the next gen console released.


> I wouldn’t mind a Halo 4…just not THIS Halo 4.


Any Halo is better than no Halo.

I think many would have enjoyed simply a re-release HaloCE/2/3 (including maps) with updated maps, weaps, etc.

That being said, Halo 4 is solid. The things I have gripes about (ranking system, X over dead allies, etc) are pretty minor and probably fixable to some extent.

We need to give 343 time.

I’m happy with Halo 4.

I’m glad to have it, it’s a fantastic game and I look forward to the rest of the series.

If i had known what Halo 4 would become I would have preferred to see the series die with 3. End on a good note, quit while you’re ahead, etc etc.

I’m quite happy with Halo 4 and look forward to Halo 5 and 6.

I’m in the middle, but as it is now, I’m still happy with it.

Adjustments are being made in January, so that is also great.

I for 1 am happy with Halo 4, especially the campaign story.

Considering that H3 was designed to be the last game in a trilogy, it had to end on a strong cliffhanger. This would keep the story alive… for say a movie or something…

H4 is the beginning of a trilogy and still ended on a pretty steep cliff if you consider all the possibilities of how H5 will continue.