Be able to load modded Map files on consoles

Now right off the bat yes I know modding on consoles is very iffy for any game and rife with issues. And for good reason. however, I think Halo may be in a very good spot for modded content on the console.

The way the UI seems to work is you pick a map and then it loads the map file associated with that menu item. We know this to be true with how loading mods currently works on PC. You replace the .map file and then MCC loads into the modded content. Also, the way modded weapons work is by baking them into said .map file, right? adding a custom weapon to one map does not affect any other map.

So if any modded content is baked into a specific .map. and the UI treats .map as a standalone. then could mod support be added to consoles by say downloading said .map file and then running it? this would allow modded steam users to play with console users and would remove that barrier. It would also not compromise security because if the .map files are just custom content then It’s not like it would be different to the .map files the game currently reads from.

Just a thought.


I’m in a big agreement, to bounce off that I have some maps where I have pilotable pelicans but of course the scripting to fly them is baked into New Alexandria, so if I had a PC of course I can adjust the script for it and use them. On console the most you can do is sit in them and use the nose turret, which is still plenty cool compared to the static pelicans you can spawn in forge.

It would take time, but I would atleast like console players to be able to join someone hosting say… RejectedShotgun’s Extinction even if they cannot properly set it up themselves.


Yeah mod support on console would be very awesome


Speaking as a PC player, I agree. It’d be wonderful if modded maps could be cherry picked and implemented officially on both console and PC. Even if this was the only form of mods available for console, it would be worthwhile and benefit both platforms.

This is one of the most based posts on this entire forum, this is a must for 343 as it’s so simple yet so perfect for removing the barriers between console and PC.