BC Thread

Discuss the brute chieftain here. Ees pretty good at 1v1, no? When do I build hall on BG vs anders?

I like going Hall third No matter what leader it’s against. I just think it gives good map control, but im not that great with Covie 1v1 this is a better question for like icy, space fire, or loboz even.

Back turret or front turret?
Also, when should you get your 2nd turret?

I dont normally snag a turret, not going to lie, vs covie or UNSC. But if you were to get one get it after you have the supply elevator or right before your temple is up if your afraid of getting your brute rammed by two hogs (I think only xfactor/slayer does this though) If you get a turret go hall fourth if you get a turret really qucik like temple, turret, WH then make sure to stop with you brute to pick up supplies to make up for it though. I havnt played brute in 1v1 is so long for some reason I have a good amount of arby 1v1 games though =)

Thx for the tips. I’m trying to learn how to play brute before using him in 1v1 again. I’m 0-2 in MM with him. Even lost to chains’ forge in a skirm >.<

dang =(
If you look instinct is front page in 1v1 now I just found out on lazy’s site, he got bumped up when slayer lost, lol. we can play some scrims tommorow if you like?

Can’t tomorrow. Friday I can.

this is basically what i do against an anders as brute

get your hook asap send your chopper to ram the sniper infantry, if they are any good they will attempt to ram your initial brute thinking that your are going to walk it over. keep your base locked if his hogs get there and he has gunner that means he went reacter first so you will need to recall (usually doesnt happen). if they dont have gunner then just use your chopper to ram his weakest hog then unlock your base and get your brute to shoot the hog, then port the brute to your hook. send your chieftan to his hook and get a front turret as soon as you can, go hall 4/5th (or 3rd if they dont go hogs) then get your chieftans vortex upgrade and steal his supply hook with jackals (vortex hogs/ and infantry outside of hooks). try to keep your chieftan at his supple elevater but against a good player they will take your supple elevater (keep your chopper at your supply hook once your done collecting supplies to ram flammers) you will need to recal if he gets it (send your chopper to the opposite elevater, or send a couple jackals to it instead) as your doing all this send 3 jackals to take your reacter and send 3 to take his. after this point its up to you to keep map control just make sure to use the teleporter if you want to take his reacter. throughout the game try to keep your chieftan either at his base preventing building from going up or at his supply hook

a good combo on this map is a hall/summit but if they are overwhelming you with flammers switch it up to double summit or factory/summit (if they have alot of anti air delete summits completely)

Loboz please tell me you saved your guide.

i did, its around somewhere :wink:

I foundzors it on lazy frogs archive :slight_smile: I now know how to play brute and anders :smiley:

didnt know it was on the lazy frog website, did someone post it or did they post a link?

Probably hall 5th.

> didnt know it was on the lazy frog website, did someone post it or did they post a link?

It’s on the archived forums I found it. It’s not on lazy frogs forum as such though.