Battlepass, XP, a scary future

The Battlepass and Xp. I want to talk about xp and a better system.

-If they want to keep the current setup every game should be worth 50 xp (as is) and on top of that every 3 games played should be 150xp (so 300 in total for every 3 games).

That is a way to fix that… now for the “back hand” section.

In Halo 5 we had a certain system that we were very against, we complained and got it changed. It was a short term victory.

The battle pass is wrong, just plain wrong. I get the armor pieces we can get are more or less costumes, but they use to show certain achievements that we achieved. I get the “game is free”. But placing all this being a steep paywall feels wrong. Maybe if things were half the cost, but honestly I rather pay for a full game and earn this stuff rather than. flashing money.

Like I want to earn these armor pieces. Idk man, this is all just heart breaking.

Battle passes ruin games.