Battlepass Theory

Fair warning: This is total conjecture with now actual evidence.
So 343 Industries was hyping up the battlepass progression as being very anti-grind in all their interviews prior to release; but this turned out to be blatantly false when the multiplayer dropped and had a VERY grindy progression scheme. So this begs the question as to why there was a blatant contradiction.
My theory: Its a battle of ideals between different levels of management. Lower management wants to put the players first and give them a pleasant off-on progression method. Upper management however wants to makes sure they get a hefty return on investment and encourage micro-purchases as much as possible. Now of course these ideals conflict. So it came down to an ultimatum: Let the players shape the final model.
Now of course players (being the humans they are) are more likely to give feedback in a negative environment over a positive one, so the upper management’s model was displayed first. Now the feedback is overwhelming and gives clear favor to a more passive rewarding model. So 343i is now using the player feedback to sculpt a compromise between management. At least, that’s my theory.


I dunno bro, the weekly challenges give about 5k exp. 10 games = 500exp. Let’s say 10 games takes about 2 hours to play. If you play 8 hours per week and do half the daily challenges, you earn 4.5k exp per week. That’s 4.5 levels of the battle pass. That’s 154 days to complete the battle pass playing 8 hours per week and not doing many challenges in that time. The battle pass is almost 170 days.

I wouldn’t say it’s that grindy considering we also get double exp tokens and there could be extra exp earned along the way potentially with Fracture Events.

I’ve been playing for 4 days and I am level 13 I think. I’m an 8th of the way through already without using any double exp tokens or swaps. At this pace I will easily finish the pass in 1-2 months. Then will have to wait 3-4 more months for the next one…

The financial stuff is almost always the higher ups. At the end of the day most devs just want to make a good, fun game. I do wish the Battlepass was a bit less grindy though. Would have been perfect to just copy MCC’s Battlepass with a Reach style military rank system.


Occam’s Razor. They’re devs, devs lie all the time when marketing their games. They were most likely just lying rather than fighting some civil war with a switcheroo of systems.

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Or on the contrary, they could’ve given us an more worse version of the BP, knowing full well we’d not like it, to lessen the blow of their “new and improved” BP System, so it doesn’t seem as bad by comparison, and therefore more accepted.

I don’t trust anything 343 has to say. Do you remember the advertisement for Halo 5 and what we got. Yeah my faith in them is very thin. But again hey at least they’re giving us customisation that was in reach a 11 years ago there’s always that… ironically it happens to be the exact same thing it was 11 years ago. So they made the conscious decision to continue with their predatory monetization. So there’s no idea what they’re thinking.