Battlepass Progression Solution/Ideas:

Battlepass progression solutions:

*My English isn’t that good, so please bear with me.

The new XP gain for completing any matches is a good start but it’s still very slow. We are getting only 50xp per match now and it takes about 20 matches for a single level up. Casual gamers only have a couple of games to play a night or day, and it feels bad from unlocking anything after completing a couple of match.

Gain 250 XP per match instead of 50 XP:

A quick solution would be adjusting the 50xp per match to a 250xp per match, to make the progression fell a lot better and not a chore to do (feels like a burden). So it will take only about 4 matches to level up a battlepass rank.

Weekly challenge update:


  • Earn Medals 1 – 25 medals – 100xp – Earn Medals 2- 50 medals – 250xp
  • Weapon Kills 1: 50 kills – 150xp – Weapon Kills 2: 100 kills – 200xp Weapons Kills 3: - 150 kills – 300XP
  • Complete 10 matches – 100xp – Complete 25 matches – 250xp – Complete 50 matches – 500xp

I think some changes to the weekly challenges need to be made, trying to complete a specific game/weapon challenges, is very frustrating. Examples up above would be some suggestions, like earning medals from just playing games, and after completing the first tier, going to the next tier with more medals need to be earn in total.

Free battlepass progression system:

Instead of giving free items from all around the battlepass, give the first 20 to 30 level of battlpass free to the ‘free to play’ players. After the ‘free to play’ players reach the milestone of completing those free tiers, they would want to buy the whole battlepass because they want to unlock more of cosmetic items from the battlepass.

I hope these might help to improve the game a little bit.


Not a bad idea. Good suggestions. I agree it requires attention desperately. Instead of complaining you listed things that make sense to fix a horrible system. I agree that you should be given extra xp for things such as winning the match and earning medals per match. Something needs to change cause it does feel like a chore.

Your English is exceptional! Great contribution :+1:

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Yes, I hope they can take this under consideration for the actual launch of the game. This will help both casual and dedicated players, level up and keep the players coming back.

Thanks, I hope they keep improving the leveling system. Can’t wait for the full launch! Cheers!

Currently, there are some challenges that are too specific and they make you play against the objective and/or your own teammates (capture X flags, get kills with X weapon, get kills with X grenade, get kills with X vehicle, get X killing sprees…). You spend most of the time roaming the map, looking for the correct weapon, grenade or vehicle to get whatever kills you need for the challenge and not playing the objective or supporting your mates. More often than not, it takes a lot of time and gets incredibly boring.

I think your challenge changes go in the right direction and I would also add challenges that support team play and more generic challenges. For instance, capture X flags as a team, instead of needing ME to capture them, get X kills with power weapons (any), get X kills with grenades (any), and so on.


You are right. My solution is just a temporary fix. They just need to implement the previous halo progression system, to level up by just playing the game. Challenges should be extra to level up your battlepass/events.

We must revive this thread!

The daily and weekly missions must be replaced by the feats and objectives achieved in multiplayer
In addition, more feats should be added, such as escorting the one with the flag and the one with the crazy ball or defending the position.

As for the cosmetic of the week, there may be some missions left or simply put the store as it should be and buy it with credits.

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I think it’s better now than before. The grind isn’t bad but definitely needs improvement. I agree with most of the YouTube’s, talking about bring back the old system from past halo’s, where you get xp for just completing matches, earning medals, kills/assists, playing objectively, playing with a group of friends, and points for being on top of the leaderboard. This will definitely going to take time for the developers.

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