Battlepass/Progression Needs Rework, feedback

Please for the love of halo rework this system. It really feels unrewarding when the games you play, especially win, have no xp reward or contribute to a structured leveling system. Halo 3, Reach, 4, 5, have great leveling systems that I believe 343 could’ve pulled inspiration from, while still incorporating a monetized battlepass. The current execution of this is sub-par. MCC also had a great leveling/challenge system.

It takes too long to level up, challenges are uninteresting, or too easy/short, and influence gameplay arguable for the worse.

My suggestion: Incorporate a structured XP based leveling system along with the battlepass. You’re rewarded XP at the end of every game based on performance, and XP when challenges are completed. XP goes towards both battlepass and leveling. Innovate longer and interesting challenges, and add more of them.

Final note I love the game and the gameplay. Thank you for giving us a competitive ranked playlist.